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Here you'll find a small taste of my original music, orchestrations and synth programming.

For more specific examples of my work, drop me a line, let me know what kind of project your working on and I'll tailor a music demonstration package for you.

Mark B. Buys

Biography & Credits

About Me

Mark is one of Australia’s most versatile composers, orchestrators and synthesizer programmers.

His combined expertise in contemporary popular and classical music, music theatre and live entertainment informs and envigorates his music for film and television.

Original Music

Zero Hour

Zero Hour

Psychological Thriller

The daughter of a US diplomat is held hostage and only her wits and courage will see her escape a life and death situation.

Assorted Comedy

A mix of light hearted and quirky music.

Shadows of the Past

Shadows of the Past

Romantic Drama

There's only one way rodeo champion Steve Kelly knows how to find himself again and win back his ex-wife, an 8 second ride on the bone crushing bull 'Black Friday'.

Assorted Drama

A mix of light and dark music for drama.

The Line

The Line

Action Drama

Detective James Jewel knows the line between right and wrong, justice and corruption; but when put to the test, he discovers how quickly it gets blurred.